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onet ภาษาอังกฤษ part Conversation ปี 2552

1 )

Ladda: (Knock ... knock)  1  ?

Mrs. Carson: Hello, Ladda. Please take a seat.

Ladda: Good morning, Mrs. Carson. I was told that you wanted to see me.

Mrs. Carson:  2  ?

Ladda: Fine. I find every subject interesting.

Mrs. Carson: Good.  3  . That’s why you get straight A’s every semester. Would

you like to join a competition? All the instructors agree that you

would be the right person.

Ladda:  4  ?

Mrs. Carson: It’s a speech contest.

Ladda:  5  . But when and where is it?

Mrs. Carson: Next month in Singapore.

Ladda: In Singapore?

Mrs. Carson:  6  . There’ll be contestants from several countries in this region.

Ladda: Will there be any other contestants from Thailand?

Mrs. Carson:  7  . Well, I have been assigned to train you if you are willing to

join the contest.

Ladda: Oh yes.  8  . I promise to do my best.

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9 )

A woman calls her husband at his office and asks him if they can have dinner out.

He says: _____

10 )

Your boss has the flu and has to take sick leave. You want to know how

long he is going to be away. You ask his secretary and she says: ____

11 )

You go shopping at a new supermarket near your house and you ask a

cashier whether she accepts credit cards. She says: ____

12 )

A tourist asks you how to get to the National Museum. You say: ____

13 )

My friend asks me what I think about his proposal. I say: ____

14 )

A typist is worried that she is not good at typing and might lose her job. She

talks to her close friend and says: ____

15 )

Nat forgot to tell his host family that he would not be back for dinner. When

he returns home he says: ____

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