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GAT PART 2 1/52 Conversation

1 )

A: I really want to buy a new computer.

B: What? Just an hour ago you were complaining that you have been


2 )

A: Why is it your favorite fiction?

B: __________.

3 )

A: __________?

B: It’s up to you.

4 )

A: Did you tell the doctor you are cancelling the appointment?

B: No. __________?

A: Of course. People expect you to call them when it is necessary to

cancel the appointment.

5 )

A: I wish Susan would talk to me.

B: I know. ____5______. All these problems are from a little


A: Maybe she will call me again soon.

6 )

A: Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night?

B: Hey, Dad. Actually, I ____6______.

A: Why is that?

B: I feel stressed ____7______ final exams next week.

A: Why are you worried? You are an excellent student. Haven’t you been


B: Yes. It’s just that ____8______. There are so many rules _____9_____.

A: That was one of my best subjects. Let me know if you need help.

B: Thanks, Dad. I have a study session later in the week. ____10______, I’ll ask


7 )
8 )
9 )
10 )

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