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GAT PART 2 2/52 Conversation

1 )

A: He’s mad because of what I said, isn’t he?

B: _____________________.

2 )

A: Your car is in excellent condition now, it’s ____________________.

B: Thank you so much for fixing it!

3 )

A: So, how did you do on the exam?

B: ____________________.

A: Oh, it can’t be that bad.

4 )

A: Do you know what the battery life is?

B: I couldn’t say. ________________ .Look it over. It should

answer all of your questions.

A: Okay , thanks.

5 )

A: ________________________?

B: Well, I’ve forgotten my eye glasses at home.

6 )

A: Would you like to have dinner at the Samurai with me?

B: Oh, yes,_________(6)___________, but the Samurai is so expensive.

A: Yes, it’s too expensive for me. Would you like to pay for me?

B: _______(7)__________!

A: Just Kidding!

7 )
8 )

A: What time are we going to the Smith’s for dinner tonight?

B: We need to be there at 7:00. Did you remember to arrange for a

_____(8)______ to come over?

A: Yes, but I need to tell her to _____(9)______ 6:30.

B: Which one is coming? Amanda or Meredith?

A: Amanda. I know you don’t ever  want Meredith here again.

B: Well, _____(10)______. It’s just that Meredith gives the kids too much

Junk food.

9 )
10 )

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